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PR Announcements: AMA, Soon to be Announced!
Once AMA is announced we will be live face to face, ask any & every question that you may have to clear any skepticisms. platform is here to stay and with our dedicated hard work we will be the most TRUSTED Crypto Powered Social Networking Platform For The Next Generation in the associated networks.
3 Network

Welcome to The Benefactor!

An Unprecedented first of it's kind next Generation Platform that PAYS YOU!

We are under construction until the beginning 2023. Private & Pre-Sale will soon be announced and available on 3 networks.

So YES!, your Earning Potential is x3 from our 3 Network Launch.
You can monetize your content by earning monthly subscription fees, tips, optional live streaming entrance fees, earn paid per click banner ad(s) fees, play platform lotteries & Earn "Platform Rewards" along with an EXTRA generous "Pay it Forward" rewards just for using the platform.

It's Never Been Easier!

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