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Frequenty Asked Questions ( FAQ )

A) This is not your modern day social media platform it's a Crypto driven platform utility which involves platform rewards, embedded utilities and many Token Use-Case's. This is a New Generation Non-Traditional approach for your financial success. First and Foremost the reason for our monetary system on The Benefactor is so that EVERYONE involved can benefit financially. The Platform Rewards & Pay it Forward rewards are spread out equally to all enabled user's. All of or the majority of Crypto Enthusiast's & Social Media Influencer's followers either know or want to know about Crypto and where the next best investment is. We are sharing our innovative way for ANYBODY to earn throughout the platform and how you and your followers can greatly benefit. You'd be giving your followers the direction, vehicle and the tools for their financial success.

"The Benefactor" is offering you and your followers an opportunity to transition into a first of it's kind unprecedented innovation that has arguably the best and longest lasting utility to continually grow exponentially from an unlimited amount of subscribers from all genres. People that are already involved with Crypto have a sense of knowledge in which will benefit them further but for the novice & also the ones that have aspirations to learn more about Crypto will have the best chance to succeed within our "Ready Made To Earn Platform"!
A) Unprecedented, ease of usability & "Ready Made" earning potential throughout the platform. There's a huge lackluster in a tokens trust in the associated crypto networks and The Benefactor is here to change that with the most comprehensive unprecedented platform, transparent token and utilities to match. Please visit our Executive Board Members for your peace of mind. Freedom of speech throughout social media is imperative for us as individuals to have in our daily lives and this platform encourages free-speech ( See Terms of Use ) along with your personally selected categories so there isn't any sort of unsolicited material in your newsfeed. Our embedded "Telegram", AKA, "The Podium" is where users can enter to chat and have a Live-Streaming connection with their world audience along with the same ways to earn through subscriptions, tipping and an optional live-streaming entrance fee.
A) This is completely understandable and things happen so NO WORRIES if there is not enough tokens in your spending account. Your subscription(s) will be automatically discontinued until or if you wish to re-establish it or them manually. There will NEVER be any sort of charge back or any past due fee's in this situation if you don't have enough tokens for any upcoming subscription dues.
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