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About Us

The Benefactor is a Rewarded Crypto Driven Social Networking Platform

This free speech user friendly platform is for any individual who wants to express their freedoms ( unless outside of user safety, seeTerms of Use), experience & potentially gain financial independence through the next generation digital currency AKA, Pay It Forward "PIF" Token and at even a Beginner or Novice level of Crypto Currency knowledge, you can potentially become financially successful. This embedded power of Crypto-Currency will change lives to a new way to wealth. All of us as crypto enthusiasts and crypto professionals alike owe it to ourselves to have a dedicated platform and Podium like The Benefactor, where we can all use the power of crypto to its fullest potential aside from intermediary platforms.

These next level innovative Platform Rewards & Pay it Forward rewards are distributed equally to all enabled users daily, including several other Ready Made ways to earn throughout the platform. We make it easy, fun, entertaining and enjoyable for any individual to earn & experience the power of Crypto-Currencies financial freedoms in our "Ready Made To Earn Platform"!

Our browser based platform works on any device that is browser compatible.

Contact us at: for any related questions / comments or concerns. Thank You & may good fortune come your way!

Our mission at "The Benefactor" is to instill the trust back into the Crypto space with our unprecedented next generation "Ready Made Platform". We strive to bring the confidence back to the associated crypto networks and especially the BSC Network with their unmatched volume & unparalleled fees. Grow with us and set your financial expectations HIGH on "The Benefactor" because we are here to stay and will Endure ANY market conditions.

The Benefactor is nothing without our native PIF token and our PIF token is nothing without The Benefactor. Both in perfect UNISON!

Darren Guimont - Founder
Wishing you the most prosperous experience!

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